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Bangkok Phuket Day 2- Shopping at Pratunam n Platinum Fashion Mall

Lunch @ Pratunam area
In the morning, we took a taxi from our hotel to Pratunam for shopping. It was around 9am, pretty early, so many stalls are yet open. We walked around to hunt for food and found this food stall. The food is just OKAY. Nothing much to say about it. 

Some of the stalls we passed. 
Pork! Really good... :) 

I apologize again, for not remembering the location or name of the shop. ANYWAY, i don't suggest you do go there too. So, no need to know the place? Hehehehe...

Shopping @ Pratunam and Platinum Shopping Mall We shopped at this two places the whole day. Pratunam and Platinum basically sells wholesale. Means that if you buy 2 pieces or 3 pieces, you get a cheaper. Sometimes, it differs alot.. Like 1 piece for 350 baht, and 2 piece for 250 baht each. But sometimes it's just a really small difference.. Pratunam was like Chatuchak, stuffy, hot, open air. Platinum was like in a mall, air-conditioned. Prices may be slightly higher, but its not as hot. So.. I perso…

Bangkok Phuket Day 1- Shopping at Chatuchak

I went Bangkok and Phuket with a girlfriends, Catherine, See Ying and ZhiWei (Supposedly SzeYing too but she can't make it last minute :( ). It was quite a spontaneous trip. We were having dinner together one day and zhiwei said: Let's go holiday! And a month later, we went Bangkok and Phuket! It was really great spending time with the girls. Lot's of epic events happened and as girls, we get to do what we are good at, that is shopping, talking, eating, laughing!

Baan K Residence
We arrived at Bangkok at around 12am. The area around our place is really creepy, we all got really scared, like why is our surrounding so dodgy and it was middle of the night! And when we arrived at our hotel, we felt so relieved! We were greeted by the security guard a.k.a, bell boy and he brought us to the lobby to check in. The lobby is on the 2nd floor and the doors are all secured with "tag in" security. So it's really a safe …