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O coffee club, Fahrenheit 88

O'coffee club official website
Sis and I were looking for a place to chill and have a dessert... And this place was actually one of the few coffee area that opens till pretty late (1am), decided to try it! This place is really easy to spot because is just outside of Uniqlo, opposite Pavilion and Starhill. So...Their staffs were really nice and friendly and okay.. let's get to their food!
"Main Course"= Club sandwich/ Caesar Sandwich (Hehe... again, im not good with names) Really good, the bread were crispy at the edge and soft at the inside Their Salmon and ham were really good.
Drinks.. Just okay, nothing to brag about :(
Dessert= Lychee panna cotta something something something (Hehe) It was really good! The lychee panna cotta was at its right, just nice taste. Googled panna cotta because I didn't know what it is, so basically, it's creme jelly. They add gelatin to the creme to make the creme slightly more solid, like pudding!
Had a great day at KL. Ate…

Bens, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Ben's Official Website I was searching for a place to eat on the Internet and came pass this restaurant and pavilion. It's a very nicely decorated place, very cozy with an indoor area with low lights setting and the outdoor which has a view of (wanted to say whole KL, but nahhh, just two KL roads... Lol!), but the outdoor area had the "I'm eating at a rooftop garden restaurant" feeling. Ordered one main course, two desserts and two drinks, which was quite alot for my sis and I because we already had lunch. Anyway, I really can't wapit to say this... But the beef lasagna was really the BOMB!!! The cheese was super duper soft and smooth, creamy and it really, really melts in your mouth! Aaaaaa, ate it few hours ago and already miss the taste of it. And then the dessert, the chocolate truffle torte was abit too chocolate'ty for me because the whole middle layer was just creamy slimy thick chocolate. The mixed berries crumble tart was good, served with vanill…

Ikea Meatballs, IKEA

I know I have previously posted two posts on Ikea, but here I go again! This time is different coz I went there with my family and they ordered alot more other than meatballs. My parents loved it and now understand what is the big fuss about Ikea meatballs. :) here are the awesome dishes!

Lavender Bakery, One Utama

Lavender Official Website
I first saw Lavender at AEON Bukit tinggi and heard that it's one of the best bakery around there. There were alot of ppl there, lining up to pay. Very crowded. So, that day, I decided to be a sweet gf and was thinking to buy a dessert for my bf, and I saw Lavender.
I'm really bad with names so I can't remember what I ordered. But one of it was mango and the other was macadamia nut. The texture of the cake is really soft and smooth, and it didn't taste too much nor top little. So it's a good dessert when u wanna have a light dessert and chill. :)

RT pastry house, ss15

They have the most awesome cake! Wasn't feeling well the whole day and needed to cheer myself up. The fastest solution, sweet anything! :)
So, bought a few cakes from RT pastry to brighten my day.. :) happie now..

Restaurant Ah Wa, Jalan 222

Hokkien Mee! Chicken wing! Fish! Lala! Pancake!
Haha.. Yeah, we ate super much for dinner today.. Felt so bloated after that.. Well, the Hokkien mee here have been pretty famous for a long time, ppl said that it tastes better because try use charcoal to fry their Mee :) their chicken wing is fried, and it was super super crispy. Most chicken wings i eat are very skinny and has no meat, but this one was different. The fish and lala was also up to standard and do, really enjoy eating there. ;)

Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid

Bf and I went there for dinner :) we went there on a weekend once and the queue was crazy long! So demotivated.. So, we tried again on a weekday! And yay! We had a whole big table to ourselves.. All the other dishes we ordered are pretty much the usual thing, the new dish that I tried was the unagi rice burger.. So here are the pictures!

Haikara Style Cafe,e e-Tiara Subang Jaya

My darlings and I went there for a simple brunch. And yay! Yummy! The environment was really comfortable coz we sat at the outdoor area and the weather was cooling, and we were sitting next to the bamboo plant. Minus the sound of car horn and car passing by, it was great! ;) we ordered simple bread, soup and drinks and had a great chat there.. Can concluded the whole experience into "Simple and Nice"