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Seafood dinner, Pattaya

The names of thai restaurants are so hard.... So i didnt really manage to capture it... :P Anyway, we ate seafood on our 3rd day. And the seafood was not the ordinary seafood, but chunted lobster! Big fat lobster! I am actually not a lobster fan, but the dish was just slightly above average. :)

23rd Dec is also my parents anniversary! :) Sweet sweet...
So, for dinner, we had (Before I go on with the name of the dishes... I need to clarify, I made them all up, but it's something near that) :P
Fresh oyster in thai style sauce
Prawn salad
Cheezy Lobster
Garlic Lobster Seafood platter

Baiyoke Sky Hotel Buffet, Bangkok

Baiyoke Sky Hotel
On the second day in bangkok, we ate at our hotel's buffet. The original price of the buffet was very expensive, but because we are guest there, we get a 50% discount, so we quickly grab the chance to eat there. Their buffet was really pretty but their food is just average, but it's pretty! Hehe.. My first dish was desserts! Hehehe.. And after that I didn't eat much because I wasn't feeling well... :( Sad... The view there was really pretty, because you can see the whole bangkok, its the tallest hotel in the whole bangkok! :)

Pictures speaks a thousand words:

Unknown restaurant, Bangkok

I went to Thailand with my family for 6 days, from 21Dec till 26Dec. On the 22Dec, we had our first meal in Bangkok, Thailand. Went to the floating market before bumping into this restaurant, and so, tried their food! Well, their food is just okay, very much like what I usually have in Msia, so... there's nothing special. However, I expected the tomyum soup to be super spicy but it wasn't at all! AT ALL! Haha.. I was able to finish one whole bowl of tomyum soup.
Here are pictures of the food and the place. They have a very cute playground ;)

Da Chang Jin 大长今 Korean BBQ Restaurant, Taipan USJ 10

It was funny how my family and I ended up in da chang jin actually. I was craving for Maggie soup that is not made at home... And so my parents also headache, going round taipan thinking what to eat, and we passed by da chang jin and yay! I know they would definitely have Maggie with soup! So we ordered one pot of kimchi soup with noodles and shared. My parents and sis didnt really like the food. I guess I'm the only one eating until super shiok. They were like eating for the sake of eating. Anyway, I loved it, if you're craving for Maggie Mee not made at home, and you have a larger budget or ur parents are with u, try korean Maggie! :p
Not a bad advice huh..

Snowman dessert, Homemade by Jolene

Jolene decided to make snowmans because Christmas is coming :) and me and kakak helped to decorate it! :) I made bikini snowman and snowoman in a dress! My kakak made a creepy snowmam with creepy eyes and all the other pretty and cute snowman are made by Jolene! :) it was fun making them, but I don't think I wanna eat them.. :)

Pastry culture, Tropicana City Mall

Desserts again! Went there with the bf and I ate so much that day. Before having desserts, I had a char siew rice, then had desserts and pasta, then popcorn then shih Lin fried chicken, then dinner! :) Hehe.. So.. Ordered strawberry flavour and then the green tea with ice cream. I can just say that they have high standard cakes! Love it!

Pastry Culture FB

Milwaukee, USJ19 City Mall

The food at milwaukee is generally agreed as very nice. Like ppl who went there would suggest me to go there for western food. I can say that I'm pretty happy with their price range because they have the more expensive steak at 49.90-109.90 and their other disks like pastas ranges from 19.90 or 21.90. This gives ppl a good variety, because u can choose to have something light and cheap, or heavy. And their dishes have high quality standards. So I ordered fish (omg, forgot the fancy name for the fish again!) and blueberry tea. My bro ordered their chicken carbonara and mushroom soup, mum ordered their chicken, dad, seafood platter and sis, beef. I am super happy with all their dishes. Their fish is fresh and the fish was cooked just nice... :) I especially like the chicken carbonara actually, but my bro felt that the taste was too strong. Overall, it was superb! ;) oh yeah, they had pretty Christmas deco too! Woohoo!!!

Milwaukee official website

Korean street food & J.Co Donuts and Coffee

I had quite a few challenging days because I was working 9-5.30, reach home around 6.30 (Fastest), then leave hse for dance at 7.30, then come home only at 1-2am.
In conclusion, hehe... I had to have dessert.. So I went to pyramid and have a very light dinner to leave space for dessert.
Korean street food was not nice I can say. I ordered their BBQ chicken rice and their chicken not fresh at all. I can totally taste at my first bite that the chicken was bad.. :( but the heavy taste BBQ sauce covered it up a lil.
Anyway, highlight is, I head to J.Co! I know this may sound dramatic. But when ur having bad days, and ntg u do can cheer urself up, dessert is the thing! :) I almost cried eating the pest bite of my donut. Like wow.. All the bad days just went away! :) :) :) Happy!!!! Okay.. Here's the bad chicken and the awesome donuts picture! :)

Hokkaido Ichiba (Kita no Zen), One Utama

Free lunch! :) Won't say how I got it free :p
Anyway, today is my first day of work and my colleagues brought me here. Never really heard of this Japanese restaurant though, that's why I was kinda surprised the place was really big. They had ice cream at the front door, and it looks super duper awesome, but I didn't get to eat them. :( regrets... But their food were really not bad at all... I had like 3 chicken dishes and one salmon and vege and mashed potato and chawan mushi and also miso soup and fruits and dessert :) so much to eat!
I felt really shy.. Im a shy person...... Coz they are all new friends... So was kind stressed while eating too.. Hehehe..