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Fish and Noodle House, Damansara Kim

About the Place
Fish & Noodle House 
77, Jalan SS 20/11, 
Damansara Kim, 
47400 Petaling Jaya.
My Experience
I was introduced to this place by my friend, Ian Lee. She ate here a few times and loved the food there :) When I arrived there, it was really packed for such a small place. The area around this place is pretty quite so ill assume that ppl drive all the way here for their noodles. I am really happy with the food there, it tasted simple and "hommy" and warm, like something grandma will make for lunch. Their soup taste salty and sour and you can choose whether to add milk or don't. And yeah... here's the pictures! 

Fried fish noodles

Fish paste noodles

Us :)

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La Bodega, Empire Shopping Gallery

About the Place
LG25, Lower Ground, 
Empire Shopping Gallery 

Tel: 603 5022 2098

My Experience
I went there to celebrate my high school friend's 21st birthday! We have known each other for 8 years since 2004! Every year never fail, we have been celebrating each other's birthday. My homies man! Anyway, we wanted to go Rakuzen, but it's full, as usual, so we headed to La Bodega! Let's start with the environment there. It's dark, cozy, and comfortable. It's a very low light setting, making it hard to take pictures :( but its cozy for sure. Overall, the food is good, up to standard. La Bodega have always serve quality food, the only downside is because we are still students, and we just came back from a Singapore trip. So yeah... it's a little pricey for us, but definitely worth the price :) 

Club Sandwich

Spaghetti Ramazetti

Pasta Puttanesca
Linguine Alfredo
RT Pastry Cake

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Kar Hiong, ss18 Subang Jaya

About the Place
9, Jalan SS18/1B, 
47500 Subang Jaya
My Experience
Bf and I were really hungry and so we needed to have something really feeling.

A lil story:
Bf and I wanted to change our eating habit to more healthier food, like eating more plain food like porridge, noodle soup and things like that. But everytime when I ask bf, healthy or not healthy, he will definitely say unhealthy. Then we will end up eating char siew, yam with pork and unhealthy food like that.

So, headed there and ordered 3 dishes!

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Meng Kee Char Siew, Glenmarie

About the Place
20, Jalan Pekedai U1/36 
Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park 
Shah Alam

My Experience
So, I've heard of this famous char siew at Glenmarie, and wanted to give it a try. So far, USJ4 Apollo's Char Siew is my fav, so I wanted to try the char siew at Glenmarie to see if I'd change my list :) 
So, it wasn't hard to find (With google maps). And I must say the streets there have veryy interesting name. Jalan Pekedai, Jalan Juruaudit and ... ... So, my friend told me that the place starts selling in the morning and they will sell until their char siew have finished. But, I got there like 2+ almost 3, and they still have char siew left. The char siew is really black i must say, the layers of coating the put on the char siew is really thick, and its really crispy. It tasted very sinful too, coz the outer layer tasted very burnt. It's good, but seems unhealthy. We also ordered their "white chicken" which was also good but not soft enough. The rice they serve…

Singapore 3D2N March 2012

I am just going to summarize my whole singapore trip into a post, and 3 categories! :) 
1. Place I stayedFootprints Hostel (
$20 a night It's a nice place to stay. It's located in Little India, 5mins away from Little India's MRT station and 2 mins away from a bus stop.  The room: It's a basic room, but it smelt a lil bad, like, its stuffy or something Toilet: It's clean and nice, has hot water!!! Wohoo!  Lobby: There a "living room" and a "dining hall". So you can watch movies if you can't sleep, or maybe make yourself instant noodles in the night.  In addition: Breakfast is provided every morning (bread, cereal, coffee, tea) but yeah, they don't serve you, you make your own bread.

Lol.. Forgot to take picture of the room. 
2. Food I ate
East Coast Park Hawker Centre.

Shokudo- Japanese Coffee House (

MOS Burger (
Forgot the picture of the burger... Bu…