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La Vie En Rose, Jalan Raja Chulan KL

About the Place
39, Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur

(Shell station on your left and "upturn" up the slope on the next left)

Tel: 03-20783883

My Experience
It was a quite difficult to locate the place as the way in doesn't look like the way in at all. So as long as you are on the road and you see shell station, make a "upturn" up the slope on your next left. There's only jockey parking available at this place cause parking is too limited there.

We were the first few customers there that night, the 3 of us. So we were joking about how this place was so difficult to get to that some people might just not find it.

Here are our orders for the night:

Complimentary Appetizer:
I kinda thought it was Wasabi on the top there, but it was blended vegetable I guess. A simply light taste to start our meal.

1) House-smoked salad-trout, Petunia, Lemon and Chive Cream Parmesan Crackers and Ar…