Milwaukee, USJ19 City Mall

The food at milwaukee is generally agreed as very nice. Like ppl who went there would suggest me to go there for western food. I can say that I'm pretty happy with their price range because they have the more expensive steak at 49.90-109.90 and their other disks like pastas ranges from 19.90 or 21.90. This gives ppl a good variety, because u can choose to have something light and cheap, or heavy. And their dishes have high quality standards. So I ordered fish (omg, forgot the fancy name for the fish again!) and blueberry tea. My bro ordered their chicken carbonara and mushroom soup, mum ordered their chicken, dad, seafood platter and sis, beef. I am super happy with all their dishes. Their fish is fresh and the fish was cooked just nice... :) I especially like the chicken carbonara actually, but my bro felt that the taste was too strong.
Overall, it was superb! ;) oh yeah, they had pretty Christmas deco too! Woohoo!!!


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