Marini's on 57, Menara 3 Petronas KLCC

About the Place
Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas,
Persiaran KLCC,
50088 Kuala Lumpur,
(Next to Mandarin Oriental, you can park there)

Contact no.: 03-2161 2880 or 03-2161 4880

My Experience
I believe most people would have heard of Marini's on 57, a pretty high end restaurant overlooking the beautiful skyline of KL. I went there for my sis's post bday celebration, with only my sis, just the two of us (sisterly bonding time!!!), which also mean that the dinner is on me.. We will go there at the end of this post...

It wasnt hard to find if u are able to locate Mandarin Oriental, I parked in MO and walked over to Marini's. At the entrance, the staff asked me if I was going to the restaurant or bar and said that if we're going to the bar, they'll need to check IC. It was a lil narrow road that led us to the lift to Marini's. On the way to the 57th floor, U might get a lil pain in the ear due to the pressure.

Sis and I are all dolled up for Marini's :) 
Daddy's princesses :) 

 Okay, let's get to the place and food now :)

Marini's doesnt disclose their prices on the menu in their website, so these are just some parts of the menu for you to be financially prepared before going :) 

For our started, we had mushroom soup and a selection of bread.
Mushroom soup @ RM78

Bread @ FOC (Yay!)

The pizza bread :) 

For our main course, Birthday Girl went with this. 

Braised Australian free range lamb shank with sautéed vegetables and creamy truffle 
essence mashed potatoes
RM 128

"The lamb shank was cooked for 24 hours and the mashed potato is homemade with a splash of XXX sauce", says the friendly waiter
While sis and I were giggling out of awkwardness.

Anyway!!! The lambshank was good, the taste was just nice and the mashed potato was nice too :) I would rate the food 4.7/5 but you can find this standard of lambshank at a cheaper price too :) 

Lamb Shank

For me, I ordered this. 
Pan-roasted Norwegian cod served with warm white asparagus, slow cooked eggs, 
baked salted onions and warm hollandaise
RM 138

"For you miss, you went with a healthier choice which is a cod fish served with fresh onion and white asparagus and this egg, is boiled in 63 degree water", the friendly waiter continued. 

Jolene and I almost burst in laughter. I mean... We don't dine in this kinda place usually, so to us is, it's an egg bro, we call it "telur masak" or "boiled egg". To you guys who are more particular with these kinda thing, I apologize for the rudeness :) 

I really love how the cod fish is so crispy on the outside and so juicy and soft on the inside :) The sauce was really unique, it had a lil sweet after taste to it. 

Cod Fish 

For desserts, we had a complimentary Praline, its really cute how they served these praline in such a huge plate.

70 % pure Valrhona melted chocolate cake served with vanilla gelato 
RM 38

The warm melted chocolate totally warped up my meal well made me forgot about how much the whole dinner is gonna cost :) YAY YAY YAY!!! 

 This is our bill at the end of the night :)

And other random pics on that day :) 

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  1. hi, i plan to bring my best friend to there for her birthday dinner. may i know the price of the food there all over 100bucks? (:

  2. Hi
    I just love your blog and the way you write about food! Not presumptuous or arrogant like most food critics, just fun and with good information! I will be traveling to KL in 3 weeks and I will certainly visit Marini's! Maybe just for drinks as I really love asian food and for the food in Marini's I can stay here in Europe. It's funny because an upscale place like this in Amsterdam you will pay like RM800 or RM900 for two persons so I really loved the bill at the end but I understand that the prices in Malaysia are not the same as in Europe. I would love to live there!

    Greetings from Amsterdam

  3. Hi. Nice blog. Heard of it for sometime. Plan to bring my
    Gf to celebrate her birthday there next week. Really appreciate for ur post. At least I know I need to dig deeper in to my pocket to accomplish my mission on that night. By the way, is that place crowded at night.

  4. your blog on marini's is hugely entertaining, I enjoyed reading that. Thanks


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