Korean street food & J.Co Donuts and Coffee

I had quite a few challenging days because I was working 9-5.30, reach home around 6.30 (Fastest), then leave hse for dance at 7.30, then come home only at 1-2am.
In conclusion, hehe... I had to have dessert.. So I went to pyramid and have a very light dinner to leave space for dessert.
Korean street food was not nice I can say. I ordered their BBQ chicken rice and their chicken not fresh at all. I can totally taste at my first bite that the chicken was bad.. :( but the heavy taste BBQ sauce covered it up a lil.
Anyway, highlight is, I head to J.Co! I know this may sound dramatic. But when ur having bad days, and ntg u do can cheer urself up, dessert is the thing! :) I almost cried eating the pest bite of my donut. Like wow.. All the bad days just went away! :) :) :) Happy!!!! Okay.. Here's the bad chicken and the awesome donuts picture! :)


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