Bens, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

I was searching for a place to eat on the Internet and came pass this restaurant and pavilion. It's a very nicely decorated place, very cozy with an indoor area with low lights setting and the outdoor which has a view of (wanted to say whole KL, but nahhh, just two KL roads... Lol!), but the outdoor area had the "I'm eating at a rooftop garden restaurant" feeling. Ordered one main course, two desserts and two drinks, which was quite alot for my sis and I because we already had lunch. Anyway, I really can't wapit to say this... But the beef lasagna was really the BOMB!!! The cheese was super duper soft and smooth, creamy and it really, really melts in your mouth! Aaaaaa, ate it few hours ago and already miss the taste of it. And then the dessert, the chocolate truffle torte was abit too chocolate'ty for me because the whole middle layer was just creamy slimy thick chocolate. The mixed berries crumble tart was good, served with vanilla ice cream.. Warm in the inside and when eaten with ice cream.. Wohooo! The drinks were really cooling and refreshing too! Ordered garden spitz and summer freeze.. :) had an awesome awesome late lunch with my awesome sis!! Enjoyed it soo much!

They provided these table topics to kick start conversations! So, which sauce will you bring along? Lol...
Summer Freeze, its mango+mint+lime
Garden Spitz, peach+lemon+soda
This, is the mighty beef lasagna :)
The mixed berries crumble tart.
The chocoalte truffle torte
All the other desserts. :)


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