Coffee Chemistry, First Subang ss15

About the Place
First Subang Mall,
G22&G23(Ground floor),
Jalan SS15/4G, 47500

Contact no.: 03-56122299

1st visit
A random yamcha session with my darlings. And on accident, found this really pretty place at first subang. First Subang is a really new place and that's why I didn't really check it out.

Coffee chemistry is a really comfy place. I sat at the sofa area which is more private and comfortable.. We had alot of board games to play too.. They have a large range of choices I their menu which really got me excited. At last I ordered Caramel flavored hot chocolate and all 5 of us shared a velvet cake. Here are the yummy pictures!

Hazelnut chocolate (My Caramel Flavoured Chocolate looks just like this)

Cafe Mocha. The taste is just nice. Didnt need to add sugar... 

Some very long name, but in short, Oreo Chocolate.

Velvet Cake. A lil dry...

Board games! 

2nd visit
My second visit there was so different from the first one. I enjoyed it so much more than the first one. Maybe because they've improved so much in terms of their serving and customer service.
Bf and I went there at 9 plus for dessert after such a long day. And we practically melted at Coffee Chemistry. 

A monkey cafe mocha to end my day cheekily. I specially requested for this monkey because I saw this on their facebook page

Bf's latte :) 

Durian Springroll! Really awesome! I'm gonna bring my durian lover friends and my parents to try this one day... 

Espresso gateau. Surprisingly it was not too "jelat" at all. I can finish this whole cake myself. 


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