Munich Gastro Bierhaus, IOI Boulevard Puchong

I went to Munich Gastro Bierhaus with my family for dinner today. Pretty tired of the being in Subang always, we barged down to Puchong for food searching. I have an adventurous family! This is a place that dad decided on going into, looking at their pork chop on the menu (Yes, it was great). It was kinda weird because many of the customers there were not there to eat but drink beer, my family is not really "open" to that culture :/
Munich, to my surprise, serves high quality food. None of the food that we ordered were below standard. They have a large range of food, mostly western, and they are all yummy. This time, I'm gonna introduce the dishes one by one. :)

Mum's. This is the Pork Knuckle. They basically gave us the whole pork leg or something, it was super huge, and the skin was so crispy like a biscuit, the meat was just nice too!

This is mine. Penne Pasta :) It's pretty normal I would say, but the gravy has a very slightly different taste compared to the usual pasta that I have.

Onion soup. Too sweet. Tasted weird. :/
Chocolate Indulgence. The chocolate was not enough, so it was just okay.

My Ja-Mocha-Jive. Awesome, the taste was just nice and very soothing.

Dad's Pork Chop. Tasted sooo awesome... Hoping to put that piece of thing in a burger and eat it!
Lamb boneless. Sister's. Super soft and the gravy's taste sank nicely into the meat. Tasted superb!
Bro's Cordon Bleu. Thinking about it just makes me drool. The cheese in it was just melting in me mouth as me eat !

Haha... Hope I made you hungry at the right time... Hope you don't read this like 2am in the morning where you cannot drive somewhere to satisfy ur cravings. :) My point is, they serve REALLY good food.



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