1977 Ipoh Chicken rice, Taipan business centre

This shop have been opened for months and this is the first time I went and try. I didn't really like the exterior of the shop for some reason, maybe the colour, that's why I didn't wanna try it. To my surprise, my family have been there for around 3 times and they really like the food there!

So yeah.. With very low expectation, I tasted their food and wow, *instant change of impression* they serve quality food! Very soft yet not too powdery chicken. (Some bad chicken I ate it too soft till it has a powdery texture) and their calamari is crispy and "hiong", and I love their peach soda!!! (I love peach drinks).

If u are like me, u didn't find the shop appealing enough to enter, well, I'm telling u now, that it's good! :)


  1. I also thought the.same thing.but after i try the food me.liking it. anyway i can't find.the place after the bangsar one moved. any one know the branch


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