CNY 2012

This Chinese New Year was in a way bad, and in a way good. The bad thing is that our family was involved in an accident on our way back to Kedah. A 7 cars collision, and my family is the 6th car, and :( I was the one driving.

And the good thing is, we still manage to enjoy the great awesome food. Cooked by my grandma, aunts, and all the other great food at Sungai Petani, Kedah. Im just gonna wrap them all up in pictures! :)

Chinese New Year's eve
CNY Reunion Dinner @ Ri Feng Lou Seafood Restaurant, Sungai Petain, Kedah

Chinese New Year 2012 Day 1
Home cooked lunch by awesome grandma, aunt and mum.

Chinese New Year Day 3
Lunch cooked by an aunt who cooks the best "kao yok" (pork with yam)

Chinese New Year Day 3
Dinner with the hungry boyfriend @ Kar Hiong ss18

Chinese New Year Day 5
Lou Sang + Dinner with my darlings @ Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Gong. 
Just a note, they were soooo stingy with the salmon fish for the lou sang :(

Honestly, this pic looks super disgusting. It's actually lala steamegg. But oh well, it tasted awesome. :P


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