Melaka Getaway

I headed to Melaka with my friends this weekend. And wow, I have so much to share :p

Let's start with the Hotel. We stayed at Aldy Hotel, just next to Jonker street, a really convenient place to stay. The hotel is pretty clean, simple and nice. There's a restaurant just downstairs of the Hotel called Bamboo Hut Bistro, and its a really relaxing place to chill. Back to the hotel, on our second night there, the hotel had no electricity for a while! Find it really weird, first time I see hotel's electricity got cut off! But yeah, they have nice toilets :)

Jonker Street. So, I am just going to summarize the whole Jonker street here. I ate most of the famous food there. The durian cendol (Jonker 88), durian puff, chicken rice ball and this and that. :) Really happy. I ate like the whole day! Breakfast, then snack then snack then lunch then snack.. Hehe.. U know what I mean..

There's one thing I need to add too. The people there are really nice. Like the aunties at the stalls and all.. They are really friendly! :) Happy ppl makes more ppl happy :) So yeah.. That's about it about my trip! Signing off! 


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