Nikon J1 for my food blog

Nikon J1.
I have always been wanting to get a semipro or DSLR after I started my food blog! Because when I read other ppl's food blog, i get so mesmerized by all their awesome food pictures and question myself: "Why la why la ur pic not chunted at all?!" And so, I really wanted to take pretty food pictures very badly.

The romantic part.
My bf, *awwwww* bought it for me as our 1st year anniversary present! He is warned by many of his friends that he should not buy me a camera. Because of a very practical reason. That is he "ter-set" the standard too high, and ill expect more than a camera for the next anniversary.. HAHAHAHA.. I hereby declare that it will not happen! :) No worries!

So, yeap, ill try my best to buck up on my photography skills and start snapping awesome food pictures! And I bought my J1 a pink shirt! :)


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