Plan B, Bangsar Village 1

 About the Place

Plan B
G5, Ground Floor, 
Bangsar Village 1, 
No 1, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Operational hours: 8am-12am daily 
Facebook page:
Contact no: +60322872630

My Experience
I've blogged about this place 3 times already. 1st post here and 2nd post here. So, this shows how much I like this place. I MUST SAY that their service is pretty bad. Many complained about it and yes! I'm gonna COMPLAIN about it too! Their service is bad! It was bad because we waited there for pretty long, and we see an empty table infront of our eyes, and they didn't clear the table immediately. Our name is already next at the waiting list. And when my friend went in and ask them if we could sit at that EMPTY table, the guy rudely replied saying:"There's a waiting list outside." Ish.... ANYWAYYYYYYY....

The foood is awesome, im gonna have to give them compliments for this part of their service. Their food came quick and the waiter was really polite. So, yeah... although we weren't happy coming in, but our experience there is still good. 

 This is my "eggs any style" with added Turkey ham and Baked beans! :) 

 I don't remember what this is but i think it's Eggs Ben ordered by Catherine.

 Turkey Ham Omelette ordered by Zhi Wei

 One last picture before we start our meal! :) 

And.... our dessert.... Honestly, it was really "jelat" maybe coz we were all filled with our breakfast already. It's really nice but we were too full to enjoy it. So, I'll advise you to have this ONLY when u have a strong craving for choclatey stuffs because this Chocolate Truffle Torte is soooo chocolateyyyy... :) 

What others say?


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