[About me]- Melaka dance job

This is my very first post which is non-food related. Don't know why I never thought of blogging about myself. I'm not used to it? I guess? Hehe...

The latest dance job I did is at Hotel Equitorial Melaka, dinner show. Black and white themed dinner for an insurance company.

This costume was for our second number. Lady marmalade. Really love this outfit! 

And this is us! This was for our last song. A jap song. We had more time while waiting for our turn, so this was the only costumes we had more pictures with. :( 

Black and white mode coz the lighting is not pretty in the changing room. 

Out tutu(s)! Cuteeee horrr... 

More pictures of us, with our pink hair friend! :p

Emo picture, contemplating whether or not to post this pic, coz its sooo skinny! :( Wish I was fatter.. Anyway, yeah... Emo! 

I brought Teddy along too! 

Was so depressed that we couldn't have some decent Melaka delicacies, instead, we had KFC for brunch and mamak for dinner.. :( Oh well, I'm sure that ill have the chance to head there soon for the good food.. :)



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