Mille Crepe, Food Foundry Section 17

About the Place

BG-8, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13,
Section 17 Petaling Jaya,

Contact no : 03-79553885
Facebook page:

My Experience
Food Foundry is one of the few places that sells Mille Crepe. Other than the one in Melaka, Food Foundry is the only place I KNOW that sells Mille Crepe. So, we can either assume that I have limited knowledge on place with Mille Crepe, or there really isn't many :p

I headed there on a random afternoon. After a really stressed-filled week battling with assignments, I headed there to reward myself! It's my first time having it so I'm exceptionally happy! The place was not hard to find at all, because my BF stays nearby the area last time.

Well, I was shocked to see that the place was located at a more remote area. It's at the ground floor of the flats/ apartment. And I was shocked that they had NO AIRCOND, and it was a sunny day! :( BUT, the food paid it all off. I only ordered a Vanilla Mille Crepe (RM9) and a Iced Peach Tea (RM3) because I already had lunch at Uncle Jang. So, pictures to sum it up!

My 2nd Experience
This is my second time there, just one week apart from my first visit. I really miss the Mille Crepe there. This time, I had the chance to order 2 mille crepes! One vanilla, and one strawberry. I heard the chocolate one is not as good so i didnt try that. And again, peach tea. And also ordered their chicken chop and meatball pasta.
Strawberry Mille crepe. I feel that you won't be able to taste the vanilla mille crepe well after u have this. 

Vanilla mille crepe. 

I love their meatball pasta, although their pasta was not as soft and was a lil dry, but the sauce and the meatball was awesome! 

Chicken chop is good as well. Their sauce has a very strong taste. 

What others say?


  1. wow, this place is a real survivor! it's managed to endure for quite a number of years. congratulations to them :D


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