Bangkok Phuket Day 1- Shopping at Chatuchak

I went Bangkok and Phuket with a girlfriends, Catherine, See Ying and ZhiWei (Supposedly SzeYing too but she can't make it last minute :( ). It was quite a spontaneous trip. We were having dinner together one day and zhiwei said: Let's go holiday! And a month later, we went Bangkok and Phuket! It was really great spending time with the girls. Lot's of epic events happened and as girls, we get to do what we are good at, that is shopping, talking, eating, laughing!

Baan K Residence
We arrived at Bangkok at around 12am. The area around our place is really creepy, we all got really scared, like why is our surrounding so dodgy and it was middle of the night! And when we arrived at our hotel, we felt so relieved! We were greeted by the security guard a.k.a, bell boy and he brought us to the lobby to check in. The lobby is on the 2nd floor and the doors are all secured with "tag in" security. So it's really a safe place. When we arrived at our room, we were really happy with it!

Our bed! 4 girls in a bed so we slept horizontally!

The kitchen area. With oven, water heater, cutlery. 

The toilet. Really clean. 

We stayed on the 7th floor.

And this is the lobby area :) 

From left, ZhiWei, Seeying and Catherine

Chatuchak market
Our most important agenda in bangkok was SHOPPING! So we took a taxi and head to Chatuchak market. 

We ate this place in Chatuchak which taste not nice and its expensive :( So, not advisable to eat there.

After eating, we started shopping!

Shaved ice. 


Coconut ice cream! The bomb! 

Shopping :) 

The 9th Cafe, Siam Discovery

When we got tired, we took a taxi to the malls area to rest. We found this cafe which has really good dessert! 

Chamomile tea to sooth us :) 

Bacon with Pork sausage. Tasted really good was a lil too salty

Lasagna with beef and spinach. Really awesome

Seafood pasta :) 

Their dessert. They dont have all the cakes on the menu, so just pick your slice here. 

The bannofie was the best :)

Marble cake. Just so-so. 

End result of Day 1 :) 
After food, we continue walking around the area and stopped by many stalls by the road to shop. 


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