Bangkok Phuket Day 2- Shopping at Pratunam n Platinum Fashion Mall

Lunch @ Pratunam area
In the morning, we took a taxi from our hotel to Pratunam for shopping. It was around 9am, pretty early, so many stalls are yet open. We walked around to hunt for food and found this food stall. The food is just OKAY. Nothing much to say about it. 

Some of the stalls we passed. 

Pork! Really good... :) 

I apologize again, for not remembering the location or name of the shop. ANYWAY, i don't suggest you do go there too. So, no need to know the place? Hehehehe...

Shopping @ Pratunam and Platinum Shopping Mall
We shopped at this two places the whole day. Pratunam and Platinum basically sells wholesale. Means that if you buy 2 pieces or 3 pieces, you get a cheaper. Sometimes, it differs alot.. Like 1 piece for 350 baht, and 2 piece for 250 baht each. But sometimes it's just a really small difference..
Pratunam was like Chatuchak, stuffy, hot, open air. Platinum was like in a mall, air-conditioned. Prices may be slightly higher, but its not as hot. So.. I personally prefer Platinum! 

I was really busy shopping, so... didn't manage to take many good pictures :( Actually, I DID NOT take any pictures AT ALL. :( Anyway, we chilled at Black Canyon Coffee before continuing our shopping.

Cookie and Cream

The other one is caramel :) Really good! 

Dinner @ Too Fast To Sleep
Okay. I have lots to say about this place! We passed this place on our way to our hotel, Baan K. And we were all really in love with the place even when we see from afar. After googling it, we realize this place has really good desserts, and its a great place to chill at night because its 24 hours! 
The whole building is "Too fast to Sleep" but they have different rooms. We had dinner at "Secret Chamber" and chilled at "Balcony". Their other rooms are "Library", "Living Room" and also "Private Room". 

Let's start with Secret Chamber.

Bacon with Toufu! Really Awesome! A "must try"

My spaghetti pork bolognese! Not bad... lil too dry

Carbonara... Lil too dry too

Seafood pasta. SUPER DUPER SPICY. I dint try it. But my friend who can really take spicy food was suffering eating this. So ITS REALLY SPICY! 

Overall! The environment is 5 star, food is 3, atmosphere definitely 5 star too... :) 

Next, is the Balcony!!! 

After dinner, we head to the balcony to chill and have tea and have dessert :) It's really a great place to study. Many students were studying there, having group discussion... 

And these are other random pictures of the place :) 

Shoppoing End Result! 


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