Dark Chocolate Brownies, Homemade

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was hungry and cold on a cold summer morning. It was 3am and there were no sign of food. She wandered around the house, and turn the whole house upside down. But still, no food was found. Lol! Suddenly, her prince appeared, baked her brownies. That was how the girl survived her night. 

Hehehehe.. yeah.... So, let's get to the part where her prince baked brownies....  So, I can't tell you exactly how the brownies are made, coz i dunno, I'm just the photographer and the eater. So... U can patch the pictures together to get the recipe!

My prince! 

Dark chocolate coin

I stole a few to eat 

Pan on a pot

Melt butter

Butter becomes this... 

Add the chocolate? 


Sift it.. 

Add eggs... 

Stir all together! (Sounds easy right)

Tada!!! My real job starts here! 

Very yummmy!!! 

Sliced it into cute lil cubes and eat with ice cream! 

The whole process took 45mins+++. After eating many many cubes of brownies. I think I finished quarter of the brownies. Cravings satisfied. Head to bed :) 


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