Krabi 5D4N- Day 3- Ao Nang and Nopparatthara Beach

Breakfast @ Srisuksant Resort
A choice of fried egg, scramble egg or omelette. 

Walking along Nopparat Thara Beach

After breakfast, we walked along Nopparat Thara beach. Love the morning sun. 

Rent a Scooter
At Ao Nang, you can rent a scooter for 250 baht a day (24hrs). Alex and I not willing to share, and we both never ride a scooter before, so we decided to each rent a scooter. The rental company will hold on to one passport as a guarantor. In Krabi, no one wears a helmet, but I decided to wear it on coz I really cannot ride a scooter properly. First of all, the scooter is heavy, reversing is so difficult on a slope, and straightening the scooter was like lifting weights for me :p 
Anyway, to be able to go around Ao Nang on a bike was really cool and windy. The max speed I went was only 50 km/hr but it was fun :)  
Trying to reverse. 

We stopped by the food stall and had pancakes, fried rice, coconut shake and coconut ice cream.
Nutella + Banana 

Coconut shake

Coconut Ice Cream @ 30 baht

In the hot late afternoon, we stopped by Starbucks to chill. 

Chilling @ Ao Nang Beach
In the evening, we spent more time on the beach, in the sea, sun bathing (this explains why I'm so tan now). I really don't like getting tan, but the sun was so comfortable that I had to just lay under the sun :) The waves were really strong and I didn't like it. It was quite scary. The waves were as high as my head. But bf liked it :)
The beach had lots of broken sea shells.

Under the sun... 


Romantic here and there abit.. :p 

 Other pictures of me are not presentable to display it in my blog. 

Sunset'ing.. Time for dinner then! 

Dinner @ Aree Ba Ba
We wanted to head to Ao Nang Boat Noodle because we read good review about it. Unfortunately, it was closed. I guess this place is closed during dinner time? So, we head to this interesting looking place called Aree Ba Ba. The restaurant had many cozy huts for ppl to dine in. 

Dining in lil huts 

 Bf & Gf. In case you didn't notice. 

Carrot Juice to start our dinner healthy

Taufu and Chicken in curry sauce

The usual omelette with crabmeat

Fish. Obviously...

And... big prawns that cost us a bomb. 300 bath for 2 prawns. 30 freaking ringgit. But, yeah... was really fresh and it was barbecued just nice. 

And... My red sun burnt face :( My sun block made claims that did not meet expectation. 

Sky Lantern @ Ao Nang
Later that night, we made a wish, wrote it on a sky lantern, and sent our wish to heaven. If you visit thailand during the chinese new year, you will be able to witness a whole sky filled with sky lantern. That's gonna be pretty amazing... 

Day 3 is satisfying, fulfilling, and just plain great.  

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  1. Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!
    I love here Surin Beach Restaurant This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.
    And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
    Thank again.


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