Bangkok Phuket Day 3 - Shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall

Brunch @ Food Stalls
There are lots of food stalls around where we stay (Baan K Residence), so in the morning, we just walked down the road to buy back some food to eat in our room. Since our room has a little pantry or kitchen area, so, it makes things so easy. 

This is how u get to Baan K. Food stalls are just outside of Baan K!

Potato ball is my fav! Taste better than fried banana. 

A purple fruit. Something I don't see in Msia. Couldnt understand what they were saying when I asked them what it is. 

A very nice auntie that sold sausages.. 

Fried Toufu.

Ordering is sooo difficult. 

Ordered some fruit juice was well. Healthy Brunch yall..

And here's all our food! What a great meal! 

Platinum Fashion Mall
For the rest of the day, we shopped. Thats why not much picture is posted up. Anyway, we just realized 2 hours before closing time that platinum mall has two buildings to it! So when ur there, please allocate time to go to both malls. They are just side by side. And the second mall has more specific things. Like, they allocate 2nd floor for bags, and 3rd floor for shoes. So, DO TAKE NOTE. We were too late when we realized that didnt manage to shop much there..

Anyway, our END result for the 3rd day in Bangkok!


  1. Can't wait to go shopping there! Flying to Bangkok tomorrow :D
    Your blog makes me hungry btw

    1. Hope you'll have a great trip at Bangkok! :)

  2. I really can't wait to shop in bkk.. Did u have to bin some clothes since there's a no trying policy?

    1. Yeap! You have to bring your own clothes which are fitting. Especially pants. :)

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