Free Mori, ss15 Subang Jaya

About the Place
No.76, Ground Floor, 
Jalan SS15/4D 
46500 Subang Jaya Selangor

Contact no.: 03-5622 1323

My Experience
Free Mori, the simple yet elegant exterior attracts passerby to wonder what new shop it is. I am sure many ppl drop by to see what they have to offer. And I am pretty sure that these people will not be disappointed. Being a "subang kaki", I had to tried this new place, all these while, I made sure I knew every place that serves good food in Subang. 
As i stepped into Free Mori, their cute and pretty packaging caught my eyes. I see cookies/ biscotti packaged in sleek designed packets. SUPER CUTE! 

The also sell moon cake and their moon cakes looks really presentable. 

This is their cakes, puddings, and puffs section. All the little cute things that makes me drool. 

And, their bread. I didn't manage to try them, but ill definitely try them one day. All I bought from the bread section was a loaf of "Panda Loaf" which is chocolate and plain white bread. 

My bro was with me that day. So we just ordered 3 things to share, which is Tiramisu, Chocolate cream puff and a chocolate bun. 

The tiraimsu was good. The only thing I didn't like was the cream. It wasn't soft and creamy. It was abit too hard, like the cream's texture was near to a pudding.

The chocolate cream puff was good :) The cream was chill and it just explodes in ur mouth. 

The chocolate bread was okay too. Again, the cream was not creamy enough. 

So, I'm gonna try their other pastries soon. But for now, I still prefer RT Pastry's :) 

What others say?


  1. nice shots ! what camera r u using?

    1. Hey, I was using Nikon J1 :) I see that u love food blogging too! That's nice..

    2. Yeah, was thinking to to get a mirrorless cam too since DSLR is too heavy to carry around. Was thinking buying J1 too but I worry the photo quality, after see ur photos, i think J1 can fulfill it.

      Just one suggestion, you should take your photos at table level not from your eye view, try portrait style as it will look better and dont be afraid to go closer.

    3. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I will definitely take up ur tip and try it the next time :)


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