Mukha Cafe, TTDI

About the Place

15, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,

Contact no: 03-7732-2248

My Experience
A simple yet fulfilling breakfast. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So if you're looking for a place to start your day right. This is it! 

I promise to go to Mukha again soon. My visit there was a rush. I went there mainly to talk my heart out with my girl friends because I am currently coping with my break up. So, didn't have much mood to take pictures around and really taste the food. 
I got there around 10.30am and I still do not understand WHY THEY DO NOT HAVE THE DISHES ON THE WALL, instead, we had to order from a separate menu with limited choices. SAD! 

Okay, I shall stop complaining and start talking about the food. So, it was a simple breakfast, we had ice peach tea and orange juice for drinks, and this toast that came with egg, baked tomatoes and mushrooms. Toast was good.Their tomatoes and mushrooms were so good, it was actually juicy, yeah, even the mushroom. So... I promise to head there soon to try their other food and their desserts of coz. So far, its can be rated one of the nicest place for breakfast, because it is cozy, and I don't need a fancy breakfast. Just a simple one is good. So, I love this place. 

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