Coffee on the Table, Georgetown Penang

About the Place
164, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, Penang. 

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My Experience
Located along the busy street of Georgetown (Penang), this little coffee house is filled with excited people waiting for their cup of 3D coffee art. Their 3D coffee's price ranges from roughly RM12-21. 

I found this place on #penangcafe (Instagram), saw quite a few ppl posted pictures of it so decided to give it a try. The other famous place that was popular on #penangcafe was "Street Art Cafe, Penang", saw many ppl posting their fried ice cream (looks real good). I'll try that some other day. 

The outside: 

The place:

3D art coffee menu: 

We had their Mocha (Pig): 

Hazelnut Latte (Elephant) & Hazelnut Chocolate (Cat and Bear)

We were there to chill for the afternoon, so that's all we ordered. The taste of their coffee is just okayyyy, a lil too milky and sweet. The place was really comfortable, a combination of antique deco and stone brick wall plus the cooling temperature in the cafe (I hate it when cafes are hot, u know msian weather), so that cafe burn r was just at the right tone. 

So overall, coffee was okay, ambience was great, decoration was unique, playlist was good (I was singing to the songs). A nice place to chill and chat. 

That's all, signing off! 

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