Ben's General Food Store, Bangsar Village 1

About the Place
G17&18, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village 1
No.1, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel no: +60322848790

My Experience
Before I say anything, I wanna say that I love my family, they're the most awesome people! :) And I wanna share a lovey dovey family picture to jump start this post. :) 



I found this place through the net, apparently many famous blogger went there before and so, I decided to go and try too. I've actually been to the Ben's in Pavilion, but yeah... their atmosphere and the feel is totally different. Just a quick note, Ben's @ Pavilion, Ben's General Food Store, T forty two and Plan B are all from the same company- The big group.  

Next, the food! The first thing that caught our eyes were the lambshank pie, it looked sooo good! So these are the dishes we ordered.

B.I.G Lasagna. It was great, but still, Ben's @ Pavilion's Lasagna is the best.

Chicken Parmigiana. It was good but the it needed a LIL MORE taste, just a lil more :P

Lambshank Pie. The lamb was sooo good, soft and juicy! And it was served with mashed potato and their mashed potato was really smooth!

Half roasted chicken. My parents and kakak really liked it alot. For me, im not so much a chicken person.

Lastly, the pizza. Kinda forgot what pizza it is but, I was too full to try it so I have no comments. HOWEVER, my uncle from Australia said that, so far, that's the best pizza ever! :) *YAY!*

The meal was sooo filling that I skipped dessert!!! Emoooo... Oh well, it didn't really looked that great anyway *Comforting myself*.

Overall, loved it there. At first my parent's were saying that there's not much variety but wow, the standard for each dishes was there at the top man! :)

What others say?


  1. Hi Jessica, thanks for the mention on your blog. The mushroom pizza with truffle oil is my absolute fav pizza too!

    1. No problem at all.. That pizza is totally the bomb! Love reading your blog, just makes me wanna dine in every restaurant u blog about :)


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