Elcerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang

About the Place
43 & 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2145 0511
Fax: 03 2145 1375
Website: http://www.elcerdokl.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/El-Cerdo-and-El-Cerdito/111290218885395

My Experience
It's mother's day! It's a "pork-filled" mother's day! Haha, my family love going out for a nice dinner to celebrate the big days. While many restaurants were fully booked, I thank God I manage to reserve a table at El Cerdo. I have not been there before, it's a place my bf wanted to bring me to, but for some reasons, didn't. So, he introduced us to this pork'y dinner and mannnn... It was awesome! 

The place was not hard to find if you know where is Changkat. It is just where all the row of bar, pubs and restaurants are. Parking is difficult. There were no proper parking around the area. When we got there, my mum was already happy with the place! (1 point!) She said the atmosphere was good. And we gave her a mother's day present! More about how I spend my Mother's day here. 
We sat down and started ordering our food. And these are the dishes! 

Dish #1- Complimentary

Dish #2- El Cerdo Sausage Platter
 The Big long sausage is my fav, the taste was so great and it melted in my  mouth. The round wrap is sausages wrapped in bacon, I love bacon, so its awesome too! The small sausages is great too, but not as good was the big one because the big one was more juicy! AND! The mashed potato lying around the place is shooo good! This dish is ideally for 4 person, but if you are a small eater, you can share this dish with 6. That's what we did.

Dish #3- Pork Ribs! 
This was really good, the seasoning was soo deep into the meat, you can even taste the flavour in the bone! Since its ribs, you don't get very full after having this, u just nibble here and there and you'll realize that you cant stop nibbling! haha... 

Dish #4- 1/2 Suckling Pig
The best dish of all, coz I love the crispy yummy skin! :) it was interesting because the waitress told us about how this started, and demonstrated how you should hit the plate three times on the size then use it to chop the pork. My mum was helping her to shop and she was terrified. It scared her when the hit the plate so loud. Then she was told to throw the plate into the barrel. Haha.. Asians being asians, my family was saying that they should keep the plate and give to her. :p 
The pork was crispy on the outside, juicy in the inside. The taste was good and yeah. It's good la! 

Dish #5- Seafood with fried Rice?

Their prawn is sooo huge.. Im not a prawn person but it definitely looks yummy. And their rice is very delicious too. 

Other randoms? 

Dessert time!!! My happy face! 

Coffee and.... 


Andreas Special “A dream in Chocolate”
Vanilla Ice Cream,  Milk-Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Crumble,

Bananas in Passion fruit and Pear in Red Wine

Finally, a family picture! 

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